Travelling Ava loves living in the North East of England. There is so much to see and do. This mini adventure to The National Glass Centre was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. The first thing Ava wanted to do was have a look at the exhibitions. I wanted a cuppa so she was overruled.

When I’m not on an adventure with Travelling Ava, narrating her adventures, I’m a Business Lecturer. After a busy morning teaching I was looking forward to a fun afternoon but an essential part of urban exploring is staying hydrated. Even better than a cup of tea and a sweet treat. Ava’s favourite is a scone with cream and jam. So this is what we had. The National Glass Centre is a fantastic building. The Glass Yard restaurant is big and airy with views over the river. It is not only a great place to visit for a mini adventure it is also a great place to meet for a coffee and a chat.


Feeling revived and ready to explore after the delicious refreshments I took Travelling Ava to watch the glass blowing demonstration. It is absolutely fascinating. The glass blowers are amazing artists. I do find glass blowing a bit terrifying, they are very brave. Molten glass is mesmerising but I would be so scared of working with something so hot. It really is amazing what they can make with glass. After this wondrous demonstration and a browse around the gift shop we headed upstairs to look at the exhibition The exhibition was amazing. We visited in April, the main exhibition focused on jewellery. Different artists using glass to create beautiful jewellery. All different shapes, colours, textures and styles.

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After this we found out more about the history of glass making. Sunderland has a rich heritage of glass making and it was really interesting find out more about this. I love learning about my local area and Travelling Ava really liked looking at all of the different types of glass.

The National Glass Centre is a great place to visit, the exhibitions are amazing, the gift shop is fabulous and the food is tasty. What more could you want for an afternoon adventure?

If you want to find out more about The National Glass Centre take a look at their website –

They have lots of different exhibitions, demonstrations and a diverse programme of activities.

After a lovely visit to the National Glass Centre there was still time for a walk along the river Wear. Along the river there is a sculpture trail. Travelling Ava does love discovering art in unusual places. We didn’t do the whole trail, so we are planning to go back and do the rest later in the summer.

More information about the Sunderland Sculpture Trail –  click here 

Travelling Ava loved Red House.

NGC 22


She also really liked Watching and Waiting.

This was a wonderful mini adventure. Have you ever visited the National Glass Centre? Have you walked along the Sunderland Sculpture Trail? Travelling Ava would love to know which was your favourite sculpture. Where do think Travelling Ava should go for a visit.

Thanks for stopping by, we would love to here about your mini adventures so leave a comment.

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