Christmas is my favourite time of year, but Easter is a very close second. By the time Easter arrives the world is starting to wake up again. The mornings are lighter and the evenings too. Colour is popping up everywhere with the Spring flowers. The bees are coming back to the garden. There are also hot cross buns and chocolate to look forward to.

This year Easter has been extra special because I joined in with my first ever Easter egg hunt. It was lots of fun, and like most of my best adventures it happened quite by accident.

I had been for a walk with my friend Izzy the Tree Sprite. The Tree Sprites are very busy this time of year helping all the trees to wake up from their long Winter sleep. It was nice to see her but it wasn’t long before she had to get back to work before her Mum told her off. It was such a nice Spring day I decided to keep walking along the path, when something caught my attention. Actually it had been the popping noise that caught my attention first.

Spring is also a very busy time of year for Garden Gonks. They transport themselves using old fairy magic and the magic makes a loud popping sound. When I looked in the direction of the popping sound, it wasn’t a Garden Gonk, but a very round, pink rabbit. There it was again, the popping sound. In a blink of an eye the pink bunny was gone. I ran along the path to the spot I saw the rabbit. I looked left and right. You would think it would be easy to spot a pink rabbit, but I couldn’t see where it had disappeared to. Something else caught my attention. The air smelled very sweet, and when I looked more closely there was a very light dusting of something on the ground. The smell was so familiar. It was bringing back memories of my trip to the fair. That’s when it hit me. What I was smelling was candy floss. The dust covering the ground was actually a sprinkle of candy floss dust. It wasn’t really the start of a trail but it was a clue. I just needed to follow my nose and see if I could find the pink rabbit.

I continued to walk along the path, following my nose. My friend Philip the Garden Gonk can use his magic to transport himself anywhere in the World. The rabbit might have left the park, they might have even left the country. That hadn’t occurred to me at the time. I was out for a walk anyway. Now this was just a walk with a purpose.

The further I walked along the path, the more distant the smell of candy floss became. I stopped to tie my shoe lace. That’s when I heard it. The popping sound again. I looked left then right and that’s when I caught a glimpse of pink through the trees. I quickly left the path and made my way through the trees. As I got closer the smell of candy floss got stronger. There was another pop a few meters away. Again, I glimpsed another flash of pink. I rushed over to this new spot in an attempt to catch up with what was now appearing much more likely to be a magical pink bunny rabbit. Before I could catch up to the bunny there was another loud pop and it was gone. I stood for a moment. The smell of candy floss was so strong and out of place here amongst the trees.

My other shoe lace had worked loose. I bent down to fasten it and that’s when I noticed it. Something shiny. It was an Easter egg, hidden in the grass and leaves. Oh my goodness! Had I been chasing after the Easter Bunny? I stood very quietly and listened for the popping noise. The smell of candy floss hanging in the air was making me feel hungry. I pulled an emergency biscuit out of my explorer bag. There was another much louder pop.

“Hello” I called out. A little voice called hello back.

“Are you the Easter Bunny?” I called out a little louder. It was hard to contain my excitement.

There was another pop and the round, pink bunny was now in front of me, a cloud of candy floss dust falling around me.

“Do I look like the Easter Bunny? asked the rabbit. 

I pointed out that I had never met the Easter Bunny, but I did know that the Easter Bunny left eggs for people to find and it appeared that that was exactly what the pink bunny was doing.

This magical rabbit is not the Easter Bunny. Just like Santa has the elves to get him ready for Christmas, the Easter Bunny has magical helpers too. This particular bunny had been tasked with hiding eggs ready for an Easter egg hunt. The eggs I had just discovered weren’t just any eggs but chocolate eggs handmade by the Easter Bunny.

The pink bunny is called Rosa. She was running behind schedule to get all the eggs hidden in time for the hunt. Just like my friend Philip the Garden Gonk, the Easter Bunny helpers use old fairy magic to get from one place to another. I offered to help Rosa hide the eggs for the Easter egg hunt. She made me pinky promise not to reveal the locations of the eggs. I also had to promise not to eat any of the eggs. She handed me a basket full of pretty foil, wrapped eggs.

When you are hiding eggs there isn’t a specific location for them to be hidden. Rosa did give me a top tip. Hide the eggs in places that would surprise and delight the finder. Rosa supervised me for the first couple of eggs, but with a pop she was gone. At first it was a bit tricky to hide the eggs but then I thought about what would delight my friends. I spotted a hollow in the trunk of a tree. That looked like somewhere Izzy might find an egg. I hid another under a mushroom and another in a gap in a stone wall. Both places my friend Tony the Adventure Bear might explore.

I had a lot of fun hiding the eggs. I noticed things I wouldn’t have noticed if I wasn’t looking for the perfect hiding places. I kept my word to Rosa and I didn’t eat any of the eggs and I didn’t tell my friends where to find them. I did organise an Easter party for my friends. We played lots of games taking it in turns to compete in the egg and spoon race, which Little Bear is surprisingly good at. We also had an egg decorating competition and decorated Easter bonnets. The best bit about Easter is spending time with friends and family making special memories. The chocolate was nice too!

Happy Easter Everyone!

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