Hi, my name is Sam, nice to meet you. I live in the North East of England.

Growing up I loved to watch my Mam knit, I fell in love with yarn at an early age. Over the years I attempted knitting, my Mam teaching me the basics. I didn’t have the patience, I was too slow and I could never find a comfortable position for holding the knitting needles. I moved on to other delicious crafts that suited my need for speed.


I started my own jewellery making business in 2012, eager to learn more about my craft I purchased some hobby magazines. This is how I discovered crochet, I had a free hook and I was curious to give it a go. I started with a 4mm hook and a ball of Patons Fab DK spray paint wool from my local yarn shop. I started with a pattern for a single flower which I turned into a brooch and from there I was hooked. The joy of learning these new skills opened up a world of endless possibilities that I find so exciting.

classic frame brooch

For me crochet is much crochet accessories and writing down faster than knitting, I was able to rediscover my love of yarn. I just love that the only limit is my imagination with each project starting with the same essential ingredients.

It was all Outlander’s fault….

I usually crochet on an evening while I am watching TV, my favourite genre is Sci-Fi and fantasy, I’m a huge Firefly fan. While watching Outlander (a hook and a ball of wool in my hand) I was inspired by the amazing costumes, all of these amazing woollen cowls, shawls, and sleeves. By the end of the episode, I had already started writing my first pattern for an arm warmer. Outlander was my biggest inspiration when I first started designing. I’m always cold, and I would eagerly watch each episode sketching ideas for new projects to make myself.

From arm warmers to Travelling Ava …

In 2016 I wanted to take on a more challenging project. I decided I wanted to make a doll, more specifically a mascot for my crochet business. There was a lot of trial and error, a lot of designs and scribbles and counting. I still love designing accessories but at the moment I have a head full of stories and characters to be made.


Crochet is even more exciting when you can use a hook, some yarn and some toy stuffing mixed with some magic to bring it to life.

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