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Irissa Fingerless Gloves

I wanted to design a pair of stylish and easy to crochet fingerless mittens. This project is great for showcasing an extra special yarn or could be used as a stash buster project.

Adventure Bear

Meet Tony and he’s an Adventure Bear. What’s an Adventure Bear I hear you ask? A bear that has adventures of course. Free crochet pattern to make your very own Adventure Bear

Floyd the Alien Frog

Free crochet pattern Floyd is a frog from Mars. He is visiting Earth on a special mission to find out more about life on this plant, specifically what it is like to be an Earth frog.

Mini Magical Unicorn – Free Crochet Pattern

Have fun trying different yarn and hook sizes combining different colours for interesting and exciting makes. I loved designing this little cutie, and although it doesn’t look much like a Unicorn I hope you agree that it is an adorable pocket-sized pal.

Square Bear

Square Bears come from a mysterious place called Thunder Cove. They love nature and are gentle creatures that love singing and eating delicious pies.

Garden Gonk

Garden Gonks are magical creatures. They use old fairy magic to travel around taking care of the all the flowers and the gardens. They can teleport with a blink of their large eye.