Travelling Ava is a magical travelling doll. She has adventure days in the real world meeting other humans, sometimes for tea and scones, sometimes to sail or fly to far off lands. She also has amazing adventures to places that very few of us even know exist, places that exist at the edges of our imaginations.

I have left my sensible grown-up job as a business lecture behind to do something far more important. My mission is to ignite your imagination, fire up your creativity, helping you to create moments of joy with patterns for colourful crochet characters and sharing with you tales of adventure, courage and kindness. 

Are you ready to join Travelling Ava for an adventure my beautiful dreamer?

I don’t know about you but I find it hard to keep my hands still, I don’t know what it is, there is a physical ache to keep them moving and to keep them working. I like to put this energy to good use and for me, this is where crochet really helps. I love the simplicity of the craft, with a hook and a ball of yarn you can create actual magic, the transformation process with just a little time and know-how is incredible. I am obsessed. It amazes me the incredible designs that can be created and how each person crocheting adds their own personality and flair to their creation so every make is 100% unique. 

I like to focus my attention on designing colourful characters, writing their crochet patterns to share with you. In my heart, I am a storyteller. My head is always full of stories all trying to escape, I have notebooks full of first paragraphs, sometimes they make it as far as few pages but almost all of them have no end. I realised it wasn’t the stories that were trying to escape my imagination but the characters. Learning to crochet has enabled me to bring my characters to life in the real world to share with you. 

I had never planned to be a crochet designer, my side hustle was designing steampunk jewellery and trying to build a costume jewellery brand when I stumbled across crochet. I’ve always loved yarn but my knitting is a disaster so I’d given up on it years before. Then one day I bought a magazine with a couple of free hooks (I still have them in my collection) and bought a ball of Patons yarn and that was it. I was addicted. I started with flowers and turned them into brooches and rings to sell on my jewellery stall at craft markets.

Travelling Ava was going to be a crochet mascot for my jewellery business Ava Kitsch. I thought it would be cute and I could use her to promote the jewellery. I had a clear image of her in my head that wouldn’t go away. I hadn’t really crocheted many cuddly things and was still very new to learning about amigurumi and learning stitches and techniques. My first patterns had been for arm warmers and hand warmers, simple and straightforward to design and write. It took a few attempts, my first few designs were all very different until finally I crocheted Travelling Ava, an adorable little explorer with a big heart. 

Life can be dull and boring and full of routine and worries about what-ifs and tomorrow. 

Let’s forget about all that and crochet. Crochet is a great craft for grounding us in the moment. It is when we are present in the moment that we find joy. The world might be big and scary but it is also magical and beautiful and sometimes we can forget that. Travelling Ava and her friends remind us to be kind and to create joy for ourselves and others.

Meet the Designer

Hello, thank you for reading this far. (I do love to talk and this is the much-edited version of my about page. It was 7 pages long when I started. Also, I know you can’t see me, but just know I am waving at you).

I’m Samantha Osmond, life long daydreamer, crochet designer of colourful characters and sometimes writer of magical adventures.

This is me wearing my thinking ears.

I grew up in South Shields on the North East coast and will always be a Sanddancer in my heart. I now live just along the road in the City of Sunderland with my lovely husband. I love living here, the area has a rich heritage, it is a beautiful blend of city, coast and countryside. I draw a lot of inspiration from my surroundings when I’m writing and designing. I also live a short walk from a Castle. How cool is that!

I love to crochet because it’s colourful and tactile. I love the simplicity of the craft, all you need is a hook and a ball of yarn to get started. Crochet has enabled me to create characters that are full of joy, inspiring crocheters like you to grab a hook and get creative. Mixing a little bit of stuffing with love and magic is the secret to crocheting amazing characters with their own personalities.

I love adventure days. I will confess that I found myself stuck in a rut. I was working a lot and was really feeling fed up. Travelling Ava helped me to get out and explore, you don’t need to go far for an adventure. Ask yourself when was the last time you for a walk in your local area and walked a path you don’t normally walk?

When I’m not crocheting and exploring my neighbourhood I do like writing. My crochet characters all have a distinctive personality and if I don’t tell their stories who will. My storytelling lets me bring my characters to life.

We love to meet new people and make new friends. Don’t forget to say hello.

You can find us on Instagram, Travelling Ava has her own account.

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