So who is Travelling Ava?
Meet Travelling Ava she is an adventurer, urban explorer and is a crocheted doll, designed and made by me. She love travelling the world, discovering new things and making new friends. She is a fearless explorer, curious about everything and everyone. Travelling Ava is a cheeky rebel sharing stories and photos, blogging about her adventures.

This is how it started…
A very poorly drawn sketch and an idea that just wouldn’t go away. I wanted to design a doll, but I had already done that, in fact before making the first version of Travelling Ava I had already designed 4 other dolls. I had a character in my head, full of personality and somehow I needed to turn a ball of yarn into this character.
The original plan was to send her travelling with strangers but I have become too attached to her so now she tags along with me and my friends to see the world. She has been to Spain and Portugal with her most recent overseas trip taking her to Brisbane in Australia

What are travelling dolls?
Travelling dolls are amazing, they help you to explore, giving you a new perspective as you travel on your adventure. Travelling dolls help you to rediscover a sense of joy and wonder you perhaps thought long forgotten. You do not need to travel across the world to be an explorer. I don’t know about you but I’m not ready to be a grown up yet. Travelling dolls like Ava help us to have new experiences and make lots of happy memories. Become an urban explorer, a hometown tourist, take a travelling doll and have an adventure.