Travelling Ava is so excited. Our lovely friend Ann English has invited Travelling Ava to join her family on a Princess Cruise to Norway.

As we already know Ava loves to travel in luxury and this will be her third cruise. She has never been to Norway before and she is really looking forward to the opportunity to go exploring all the different ports.

This is a  a long trip so Ava  a needs  a to  I get  packing. She has purchased a new case and hopes it is big enough for her fancy cruise clothes.

She has some important packing decisions to make. Which dress to take.

Both of course.

The next problem to solve is how to make her swimsuit fit into her case. Of course, why hadn’t she thought about this sooner. Hand luggage is  a perfect for that.

She is going to have a companion for this adventure. His name is TC Ted. She want to make him something special to keep him warm in Norway.

Will be like raspberry pink? she wonders.

She is definitely getting better a crochet, I’m impressed.

All wrapped up. She is now packed and her gift for TC Ted is finished. She is ready for adventure.

We met Ann at The Staiths Cafe in Gateshead. Travelling Ava is so excited. I will miss her but some peace and quiet will be nice while she is away.

Well after seeing TC Ted’s T-shirt Travelling Ava is confident he will like his present.

Wow that is a long scarf. It looks like they are going to have an amazing adventure together.

So that’s it she is all packed, she has her passport and is ready for a grand adventure to Norway. I can’t wait to hear all about her adventures.

Have you been to Norway? I would hear about your adventures too.

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