I was asked by the lovely and talented Georgia Lohan from at www.rafaeltheunicorn.com to collaborate on an extra special project.

Peter 1

Georgia is a self-confessed storyteller, dreamer and believer and this is reflected on the website she has created. This is what she had to say:

“I created this website for both parents and children. In my opinion, stories are a great way to connect with your child because they provide teachable moments for you to guide their young hearts and minds. The stories you will find on Rafael the Unicorn are full of inspiration, happiness, and magic. Each story addresses a challenge that children might face in life while showing the beauty of the world and the positive impact that they can have on others. Therefore, teaching and empowering children in their actions.”

“Our fairytales are a reminder that strength, passion, and patience are key ingredients for a great life! Children should be inspired to follow their dreams. They should be shown the beauty of the world and encouraged in their passion and creativity. That’s what our stories strive to do. They are written for the ambitious children who are the discoverers of tomorrow, and all who did not forget the beauty of living life to the fullest.”

I share this passion for storytelling and I was inspired by her story of Peter the Caterpillar. I decided to write a crochet pattern turning her character into a crochet toy.

You can get the free crochet pattern hereĀ 



You don’t always get it right the first time. When I started writing the pattern for Peter I used chunky yarn and the design was flawed from the beginning. I just couldn’t get the tail the way I wanted it and it took a lot of stuffing.

I decided to change my yarn, using DK instead to create this pattern. I had intended to make a much smaller toy when I decided to redesign the pattern using a lighter weight yarn but things don’t always go to plan. I guess Peter the Caterpillar was always destined to be a big toy, after all, he is a caterpillar with big dreams.

Peter o 3


I decided the easiest way to make Peter was to make the tail and the body separately. Even though I was happy with the redesign of the body, the tail went horribly wrong and just looked a little bit rude. I decided the tail needed to be revised again. This time instead of trying to work the pattern out on paper first I wrote the pattern row by row as I redesigned it.


I was much happier with the new tail.

Peter 1

He was bigger than I planned but so adorable and huggable.

He was bigger than I planned but so adorable and huggable.

If you would like to make your own Peter the Caterpillar you will find the free crochet pattern here

You can read the full story of Peter the Caterpillar over at www.rafaeltheunicorn.com


There is a beautiful new illustration for Peter which is simply adorable from the very talented Andra Morosan you can see more on her Instagram @Andra.ArtĀ 

You will also find Rafael the Unicorn on Instagram @rafaeltheunicorn

If you have any questions about this pattern or would just like a chat leave a comment in the comments section.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, I would love to see your finished creations. Use the #CrochetFolk on Instagram and Twitter

You can download a free pdf version of the pattern from Ravelry – Click Here

You can download a free pdf version of the pattern from Love Crafts – Click Here

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