Adventure awaits my friends, who’s ready to join me?

For a little while now I’ve had an idea stuck in my head. I want to design my own crochet doll, not just any doll, but the doll I have lodged in my imagination waiting to take shape. Like Goldilocks and the Bears’ porridge nothing that I’ve designed so far has been just right.

Doll Design 1

My first attempt at doll making resulted in a beautiful doll (even if I do say so myself) with curly hair. I’m pleased with the end result. She may be bigger than the doll I imagined but she is perfectly formed with roses in her hair and a pretty dress with matching flower buttons. This doll now lives with my Nanna, the perfect birthday present for her.


Doll Design 2

My first doll design is definitely bigger than the idea I currently have in my head. So this leads me to my second attempt at doll design and Elvis Rockabilly. Elvis Rockabilly is awesome, not the doll I imagined but still awesome. I love his hair and his clothes. He has so much personality and loves Nothern Soul. He is closer in size to the doll I imagined but still isn’t quite right.


Doll Design 3

So I’m finally starting on attempt 3. Unlike my first two attempts at doll design I’m starting with a rough sketch. In my head this doll has so much character and personality, a real challenge for a hook and some yarn.   


When I’m writing a pattern I start crocheting and write the pattern as I go, I make lots of scribbles and do lots of counting. I’m hoping that the sketch will keep me more focused as I’m designing.



So far so good, I’m really enjoying making her. She isn’t quite finished yet, I’ve got to this stage in the design and I’ve now realised that I’m going to need to make some changes to the pattern, her neck needs to be a little bit bigger for the size of her head, it is a little bit floppy. I want this doll to have lots of adventures and a floppy neck is not going to great for that.

So here is version 1 so far, version 2 is already in progress.


So what’s next?

I still need to make her some clothes and I’m still trying to decide on the type of hair she should have. I would love to know what you think of her so far, I’m tempted to redo her mouth, I think it is a little bit low but I’m happy with the nose so far.



When I finally finish her she will be going on some awesome adventures so I’ve created a Facebook page for her – Facebook Page if you would like to follow her journey on Facebook too.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I would love to hear from you so please leave a comment. Have an day amazing day.

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