Travelling Ava has finally had her first official adventure. She has just returned from her first adventure to Matfen Hall.

This adventure started with her first ever car journey.


We took a detour to a garden centre on the way to Matfen Hall, stopping for coffee and cake. She loved these cute rabbits.


When urban exploring it is important to take the time to have a good look and see things with a fresh perspective. It is also important to find somewhere to have a cuppa and a piece of cake. She loves cake, I think this will become a regular feature of future adventures. Cake, cups of tea and rich coffee or super important for a good adventure.

After refreshments it was back on the road to Matfen Hall.


Matfen Hall is located in the heart of beautiful Northumberland in 300 acres of beautiful countryside. The rooms are beautifully decorated, Travelling Ava loved the elephant theme of the room we stayed in. There are lots of different styles of rooms, each one individually decorated. Ava loved the big squishy bed in the room, I left her to nap and I went swimming. The spa was very relaxing.


The hotel is stunning, the food is delicious, we ate in the Library Restaurant. The building has so much history. There is also a spa and golf course.


The adventure continued the next morning. The sun was out and we enjoyed breakfast before taking a walk around Matfen.

On the way back our cheeky adventurer was a bit naughty and got her picture taken with a golf buggy. Honestly she is a trouble maker.


This is Ava’s first official adventure, her next trip is even grander, she is going on a cruise to Spain and Portugal.

Have you ever stayed at Matfen Hall? Where would you recommend Ava visiting? I would love hear from you, don’t forget to leave comment and thank you for taking the time to read this blog post.

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