Travelling Ava has just returned from a grand adventure. This adventure started with a very early coach trip to Southampton. This is her first cruise but my third one. Getting the free coach transfer from the North East just makes everything much easier and we don’t have to worry about being on time for boarding the ship.Ava is a doll so she is always relaxed anyway.


We did have a couple of quick stops on the way down the country to stretch our legs and get breakfast.

Bacon sandwiches and coffee from Greggs was the perfect on the road breakfast for Travelling Ava before getting back on the coach to get down to Southampton.

It was a so quick boarding the ship this time, Traveling Ava was safely tucked up in my bag so she didn’t get left behind, it would have been a real shame if she missed her first grand adventure. After a full day travelling we dropped Ava off at the cabin and headed for some fresh air and refreshments on the ship. This is our this cruise with P&O and our second trip on the Ventura. It is an amazing ship. I love going on a cruise because I don’t have to think about anything other than getting into port and exploring, which is the best bit in my opinion. Anyway after grabbing some refreshments we headed back to the cabin to find that Ava had already made herself at home sunbathing on the balcony.

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I would love to hear from you, have you ever been on  a cruise? What is your favourite way to travel? Thank you for reading this post, have a great day.

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