The next stop on Ava’s first ever cruise was Lisbon. She woke up to beautiful sunshine. The hustle and bustle of the amazing city lying just beyond the port. After a very big breakfast, we headed off the ship, through the port taking a right out of the gate and into Lisbon. The sky was that beautiful bright blue that all summer holidays should have. Even though it wasn’t quite, mid-morning yet it was already hot. The air in Lisbon hums with activity and energy, it really is amazing. There is so much going on.


As usual, Ava didn’t have a clue where she was going. When you’re an Urban Explorer you don’t to know. So we meandered along, crossing the road, winding through the streets of Alfama’s trying to absorb everything around us. Exploring one of Lisbon’s beautiful churches. We decided to follow the tram making our way to the Castelo de São Jorge.


Travelling Ava loved the buildings. She loved all the beautiful blue and white tiles decorating them. Buildings in the UK would be much more interesting to look at if they had beautiful tiles covering them.

Lisbon 7

We continued to follow the amazing yellow tram, slowly meandering up through the streets, bustling with tourists. We paused occasionally, Travelling Ava doesn’t mind the hot weather, I don’t cope very well with the heat so had to keep taking breaks to get a drink of water.


There was so much to take in, lots of street art to look at. There is just so much colour in Lisbon, it is beautiful.


One of the downsides of being an Urban Explorer is we don’t do much advanced planning. Unfortunately, the queue to get into Castelo de São Jorge was a bit long in the short amount of time Ava had to explore Lisbon. Travelling Ava didn’t want to spend it in a queue.


I did pop into some fantastic little shops to get out of the sun and cool off a little bit.

Lisbon 12

We headed back towards the ship, winding back towards the ship, winding back down towards the port. We passed through the bustling streets filled with tourists and shoppers.

Lisbon 8

Unlike our trip through the narrow streets of Alfama, this part of Lisbon was wide and spacious with amazing views of that beautiful blue sky. We passed through an amazing archway, Praça do Comércio.DSCN4100


There is still lots more for Travelling Ava to see on her return visit to Lisbon.

Have you ever travelled to Lisbon? What was your favourite thing about the city? Travelling Ava would love to hear from you.

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