Alani Square Bear

Travelling Ava was out exploring in the garden. She had packed her bag and she was ready for an adventure.

“Where will I go today?” she asked Maud the Spider, who was busy making her web between two rose bushes.

The spider had no interest in Ava’s desire for adventure. She had work to do spinning her web. Ava stood pondering for a moment. White cotton clouds floated across the blue sky. The sun was stretching its golden rays, touching every part of the garden. Ava squinted her eyes. Off in the distance, she spotted something shimmering. She couldn’t be sure but it looked like a lightning bolt sticking out of the ground. Not like a statue of a bolt of lightning but a shimmering light shaped like a lightning bolt.

Her mind was made up.

“That is where I will go for my adventure. I’m going to investigate the mysterious light” she said excitedly to Maud.

“Have fun” Maud called to Ava. She was looking forward to an afternoon of peace and quiet in the garden. As you know, Travelling Ava can be a bit of a chatterbox.

Adjusting her hat Ava made her way down the garden path. She went out through the gate walking with determination towards the mysterious light off in the distance.

It was a pleasant day for a walk. Walking always makes Ava happy.

When Ava eventually reached the strange light she found it was in the middle of a field. It didn’t quite reach the ground. The lightning bolt-shaped glimmering light just seemed to be hovering in the air.

It is hard to describe what she saw. Imagine you’ve been watching a thunderstorm. At the moment the lightning cracks across the sky you take a photo. Freezing it forever. Well instead of a stormy sky it is a sunny day. Instead of capturing it in a photo the lightning has been frozen in real life. That is the best way that Ava can describe it (I wasn’t there so I’m taking her word for it).

As Ava approached the glistening light, she realised that it was actually a portal to another place beyond the wheat field. Maybe a portal to another world? Through the zigzag-shaped gap, Ava could see a river and big purple mountains. Well as you can imagine if you’d stumbled across a magical portal in a field you’d be pretty excited. Without hesitation, she jumped through the lightning shaped crack. Feet together, knees bent and landed in a meadow covered with beautiful wild flowers.

I’ve no idea what kind of flowers they were. Also if you do stumble across a magical portal in the middle of a field I would advise caution. Perhaps make a call first to a loved one, leave a trail to find your way back or even look before you leap. All sensible advice ignored by our Travelling Ava. She was lucky she landed in a meadow, she might have landed in the river.

Ava had paused to take in her surroundings. She needed to make an important decision, left, right or forwards towards the river. She rolled the dice. Forwards it was.

Upon reaching the river she noticed that the water sparkled, it was crystal clear. It was unlike any river she had seen before. The mountains rising up in front of her looked lavender in colour in the soft sunshine. They were capped with snowy white peaks. This was turning out to be a grand adventure.

The river curled around the base of the huge mountain. After meandering along the river for a little while Ava spotted a little wooden bridge. This was too tempting for our fearless explorer. She crossed it, following the path through a narrow passageway through the mountain. Ava’s curiosity pushed her to search further. Where would this path lead her?

The passage through the mountains took a sharp right. Her favourite direction to turn. She didn’t know how far she had travelled. She turned around, she could no longer see the river, the meadow or her gateway home.

Travelling Ava is very curious and she does like to explore new places. She also knows she must make it back in time for tea. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have a watch so this can cause problems.

Her tummy was telling her she was hungry. Almost tea time. The right turn was too tempting. A few more steps wouldn’t hurt. A little peep around the corner to see what was there. Adjusting her hat she took 10 steps forward and peered around the corner of the path. To Ava’s surprise, the passageway through the mountain opened up into a little-wooded area, green grass, tall leafy trees with strong wide trunks. What an unexpected surprise for a curious explorer.

Ava wished she had brought her camera. How could she have forgotten it? It was beautiful, butterflies fluttering by, bees bumbling along, a magical place. Her tummy rumbled once more reminding her it was close to tea time, time to turn back.

“What was that?” Ava wondered to herself. “Was that voices?”

Square Bear 3 - 1_editedAva held her breath to listen carefully. It was voices and they were getting closer. She may be a fearless explorer but her instinct told her to hide. She ducked behind the nearest tree. The voices were coming closer but she couldn’t quite make out what they were saying. She peered out from her hiding place to get a better look. To Ava’s surprise, she saw two creatures, quite unlike anything she had seen before. They had short legs and very long arms. She could see their faces with big brown eyes and little pink noses. They didn’t have a neck. To Ava, they looked square, like a square bear.

Travelling Ava marvelled at her discovery. She had completely forgotten about being hungry and getting home in time for tea. Her tummy hadn’t, it began to rumble again. This time the rumble was so loud that not only could she hear it but the Square Bears heard it too. They stopped in their tracks. Ava didn’t know what to do. She didn’t want to appear rude. She didn’t want them to think she’d been spying on them. Although we know she had been. Without further hesitation, she stepped out from her hiding place. She introduced herself to the Square Bears.

“How do you do? I’m Travelling Ava.” She stuck her hand out ready to shake their paws.

They immediately ran behind the nearest bush. She had never met a Square Bear before, perhaps they had never seen a travelling doll before.

Ava wasn’t sure what to do next.

“Hello, my name is Ava, I’m an explorer, sorry if I scared you.” Called Ava

After a moment the Square Bears peered out from their hiding place.

Ava waved a polite wave. She didn’t want to startle them again with her greeting.

They waved back at her with their oblong arms, and carefully stepped forward to shakeSquare Bear 4-1_edited her hand. Ava could barely contain her excitement. Their paws were so soft. She wanted to hug the bears, she didn’t though, they’d only just met.

The Square Bears introduced themselves, Alani and Berry. Their names suited them thought Ava. Alani certainly was orange, (Alani is Hawaiian for orange you know). Berry was also accurately named, reminding Ava a little of the colour of blueberry jam.

Travelling Ava loves to meet new people. She is very curious and often asks lots of questions. She was so excited to meet the Square Bears she wanted to know everything about Alani and Berry.

Her new friends were out for a stroll when they met Ava, they had been sent to gather Starfruit to take home for tea. They live in a little village beyond the mountain pass called Thunder Cove. Travelling Ava discovered that Square Bears are very peaceful creatures. Alani’s favourite food is Starfruit and Strawberry pie. She also discovered they are Guardians of the mountain.

Ava was intrigued by this. “What exactly is the job of a Mountain Guardian?” she asked.

Alani and Berry explained that it was the job of everyone in their village to sing to the Mountains and keep them happy. They also looked after the river, the trees and the meadows. All the Square Bears in their village took great pride in their traditions, making sure that the Mountain was happy. Ava thought this was beautiful. She wanted to know more about the Square Bears and Thunder Cove. She wished she could stay longer and explore further and visit their village but she knew she couldn’t. Her rumbling tummy was reminding her that she had missed teatime and she still had a long way to walk home. Ava said goodbye to her new friends. She headed back through the mountain, over the little wooden bridge across the river, across the meadow and through the portal into the wheat field. She hoped she would be able to come back one day for another adventure. You never know another magical adventure with the Square Bears might be just around the corner.

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