How Travelling Ava met Notamouse

You might not know this but in Travelling Ava’s free time when she isn’t out exploring, she loves to watch YouTube. Over the summer on those awful wet and windy days (not good weather for travelling dolls), Ava started to watch a lot of home organisation videos. I think I’m organised, I’m not a minimalist but I do like to be tidy. Ava, after watching a lot of these videos pointed out that the Red Room (our shared studio space) had crossed the boundary of carefully curated collections into just complete clutter overload. She had a point. I had been busy with my day job, craft markets and making that it wasn’t a creative space any longer. Poor Ava lives in the Red Room so I felt guilty about the mess. After watching some videos together for inspiration we got to work with the reorganisation process.

In one of the corners, I had piled it so high with stuff that I couldn’t get into the cupboards. In this undisturbed corner of the room, a Notaouse had moved in. Making itself a cosy little nest out of a pile of fabric and felt that I had carefully shoved in there. It was resting peacefully when Travelling Ava disturbed it ith her decluttering. Both Ava and Notamouse got a fright, I have to admit I was also a little startled by all the commotion. Notamouse buried itself further into the fabric and felt nest. At first, we thought it as a mouse, but quickly we realised it was not a mouse. This is where the name comes from. With Ava being a magical Travelling Doll she is fluent in most languages and can talk to animals, birds and insects usually, However, Notamouse is very shy and when it does talk it just makes a little squeak so we aren’t sure what its actual name is. It appears to be happy being called Notamouse.

We’ve since finished the declutter and reorganisation of the Red Room. Travelling Ava is much happier and she now has a new friend. Notamouse still lives at the back of the cupboard in a quiet corner. This shy little creature loves to play hide and seek with Travelling Ava. Notamouse is the current champion. It is so small and quiet, it can hide for ages. Travelling Ava even discovered Notamouse hiding in her explorer bag joining her for some of her adventures.

We still don’t know very much about these little creatures. Have you checked the back of your cupboards? Maybe you have a Notamouse hiding there too.
So there you go that is how Ava met Notamouse. If we learn anymore we’ll let you know, or if you have a Notamouse maybe you could let us know. Travelling Ava loves to hear from you.

You can download a free pdf version of the pattern from Ravelry – Click Here

You can download a free pdf version of the pattern from Love Crafts – Click Here

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