Travelling Ava packed her explorer bag with jam sandwiches and biscuits and set off walking. The sun was slowly rising and the sky was beautiful and blue. For her birthday her friend Maud the Spider had surprised her with the Ladybird Book of Butterflies, Moths and Other Insects. Today was a day made for exploring the hedgerows to see what she could discover.

Ava turned the pages in her book, carefully studying each picture. She hoped it would help her identify a beautiful butterfly that had fluttered past a moment ago. The butterfly had fluttered by so quickly, Ava needed to take a closer look. She moved closer, trying not to make a sound. The butterfly paused, resting on the top of the hedge, fluttering its wings in the sun. They were startled by the sound of a little round bear tumbling out of the hedge, landing with a bump on the grass verge below.

“My goodness what a fright. Are you okay?” exclaimed Ava.
The small bear was busy dusting himself down. The butterfly flew away, it’s peace and quiet disturbed by two noisy explorers.

“I’m okay. It’s not the first time I’ve fallen out of the hedge. I’m starting to get good at landing” replied the bear.

“What are you doing climbing the hedge?” asked Ava.

“I’m trying to get a look at the view. My legs are so small I can’t see over the top of the hedge so I thought I would climb up. I’m not very good at climbing either” explained the little bear.

“Did you make it to the top before falling?”

“No, I didn’t. I’ve tried 3 times now, my friend the mouse makes it look so easy. She has little legs too, but she has got a very long tail, maybe that helps her balance,” replied the bear.

Ava put her book away, she was going to help this little bear get to the top of the hedge. He really was missing some amazing views and that didn’t seem very fair to her. Like all the best adventures this one had taken an unexpected turn.

Ava held out her hand introducing herself. “I’m Travelling Ava. What’s your name little bear?”

“My name is Tony and I’m an Adventure Bear” he replied.

“What is an Adventure Bear?” Ava asked politely.

“I’m a bear that has adventures of course.”

“Well, Tony the Adventure Bear I’m going to help you get to the top of that hedge.”

“Really? Thank you so much.”

Tony went with Travelling Ava back to the garden. They needed to make a plan and get supplies if they were going to successfully get Tony to the top of the hedge. Their first option was to use some rope to make it easier for Tony to climb to the top of the hedge. The rope would be heavy, and they would need a long rope which would make it difficult to carry back to the hedge. They needed a better solution to the problem. It’s always easier to solve a problem with tea and biscuits.

Tony and Ava sat together in the garden, it was a lovely afternoon to eat custard creams and drink tea. As Ava continued to drink her tea her mind pondered on the problem. A butterfly flapped around the garden. An idea was forming in Ava’s mind.

“I’ve got it. We should make you some wings so you can fly to the top of the hedge, just like a butterfly can”

“Bears can’t fly. Can they?” asked Tony.

“I’m not sure but let’s find out, shall we?” replied Ava.

Travelling Ava and Tony got to work, sketching the size and shape of Tony’s new wings. Finally, they both settled on a wing design. Ava dug around the yarn box looking for the perfect yarn to make ‘Adventure Bear Wings’. She settled herself in the big chair and crocheted Tony a pair of beautiful wings.

“They are the most beautiful wings I’ve ever seen. How do they work?” asked Tony.

“That is a good question. We should find some tutorials online and get some flying tips.”

They went inside and found a couple of videos online but they all involved flying planes.

“This is hopeless, I will never learn to fly,” said Tony.

“Don’t give up, we’ll find a way,” said Ava.

An advert popped up at the start of the next video.

“There’s your answer Tony, you need some flying lessons. Maybe we can ask a butterfly to help us. They are really good at flying.”

This cheered Tony up so off they went back down the garden path and along the lane together, returning to the hedge.

The butterfly was sitting back on top of the hedge, enjoying the sunshine again.

“Hello,” Ava and Tony called out together.

The butterfly flapped it’s beautiful wings and floated down to see them.

“Hello,” said the butterfly.

“Would you be able to teach me to fly?” asked Tony.

“I’ve never taught anyone to fly before but I will try my best. It sounds like fun,” replied Fleur the butterfly.

Tony and Ava jumped around with excitement.

“What do I do first?” asked the little bear.

“You need to believe that you can fly.”

“Okay I will try really hard to believe,” said Tony.

“You just need to believe. I don’t try I just do it. It’s like a feeling,” explained Fleur. “Next you need to flap your wings. That can be tricky for a first-timer. Go on give it a go.”

Tony tried really hard. His face all scrunched up in concentration.

“Keep going Tony, I think I saw one twitch,” Said Ava encouragingly.


Tony tried again, unfortunately, he still couldn’t get them working. He was now feeling rather glum.

“Maybe you need to run and try flapping your wings at the same time,” suggested Ava.

“Okay, I’ll give it a go.” So Tony ran along the lane trying to flap his wings and believe he could while Ava and Fleur looked on cheering him. Tony still couldn’t do it. He was now feeling thoroughly fed up. What a frustrating day. He sat down on the ground resting his tired little legs.

“I’m sorry Tony, I thought this would work,” said Ava

“That’s okay, I thought it would work too, thank you both for trying.”
Fleur wasn’t ready to give up on the flying lessons just yet. After all, practice makes perfect and if flying was easy we would all be doing it.

“Come on Tony, time for one more lesson,” said Fleur encouragingly.

“Another lesson? I think I am worn out from all my other lessons.” The little bear sighed heavily.

“You’ll like this lesson, I promise.” Fleur began to tell Tony her funniest joke.

“Why was the tractor magic?”

“I don’t know,” replied Tony and Ava in unison.

“Because it turned into a field. Do you get it? It turned into a field,” chuckled Fleur.

“I’ve got one,” said Ava. “What is the most common type of owl in the UK?”

“I have no idea,” said Fleur and Tony together.

“The tea t-o-w-e-l, haha, do you get it?” said Ava laughing at her own joke.

“That is a terrible joke,” said Fleur chuckling all the same.

All three of them fell about laughing. It felt good to laugh. It felt like a weight had been lifted off Tony’s little shoulders.

“Are you ready to give it another go Tony?” asked Fleur.

“Sure, why not? Let’s give it another try.”

“You can do it, Tony, you’re an Adventure Bear, you’re already amazing,” said Ava giving Tony a huge great big hug.

Tony picked himself off the ground and started running and trying to flap his wings. This time instead of having his face all scrunched up concentrating he was smiling. He might not have made it to the top of the hedge but he did have new friends who wanted to help make his dream come true.

His smile grew bigger and he couldn’t help but let a huge laugh escape, he was so happy. He was also still running down the lane. One moment his feet touching the ground in the next moment he was up in the air. He had done it. He was flying. He was really doing it. He was climbing higher and higher. He was now high above the hedge. Finally, he had done it. What a beautiful view he could see for miles and miles. Ava and Fleur stood in the lane cheering for the little bear.

Tony kept flapping his little wings, he was filled with happiness.
Travelling Ava stood in the lane watching her little friend flying about. She couldn’t wait to get back to the garden to tell Maud all about her afternoon. Of course Tony would be flying back to the garden with her. She couldn’t wait to see what the next adventure would bring her.

You can download a free pdf version of the pattern from Ravelry – Click Here

You can download a free pdf version of the pattern from Love Crafts – Click Here

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