You don’t need to go far to have an adventure.

I love spending time in the garden, even when it’s cold. My friend Bryson Bear came to visit me. We decided to make some bird feeders to hang up in the garden. Bryson is really good at covering tubes in peanut butter. He did get very sticky but it was lots of fun rolling the tubes in the birdseed. When we were finished we went back into the garden to hang them up. It has been really cold and the birds need to keep warm.

We returned into the warmth of the house and sat quietly on the windowsill sipping from our mugs of sweet tea. We didn’t have to wait long before some birds visited the garden to enjoy the peanut butter and birdseed we left out for them.

It is the little things that I find bring the greatest joy.

This is a super easy way to make a bird feeder for the garden.

Spending time with friends and helping others is important and we should try to do it as often as possible. And drink tea. Drinking tea is also important.

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