Travelling Ava is a real Urban Explorer, she loves to visit new cities, she really loves the architecture and public art. There is always something wonderful to discover around each corner.

The first port we stopped at on her very first cruise is the beautiful Vigo in Spain. It is a stunning city full of history and culture. A pleasure to explore. Seeing this dinosaur really made us smile. She does like dinosaurs. It is called Dinoseto, it even has a Twitter account if you want to check it out.

I wish I planned this trip better, there is so much to see and we had limited time to see everything as we only had a few hours in port. It is such a beautiful city I look forward to returning again in the future.

The reason why Ava loved Vigo so much was all of the amazing sculptures.  This is El Sireno, by Galician artist Francisco Leiro.

The sculpture was installed in 1991 and represents an imaginary character, a hybrid of fish and man. Since then, it has become one of Vigo’s most representative monuments due to its striking modernity and how it reflects the city, which it monitors from its elevated location.” – Turismo de Vigo

It was such a beautiful day for a walk and we decided to head off looking for the park. On the way, we passed another amazing sculpture. This is The Horses by Juan José Oliveira. It is an amazing sculpture, 60 foot high. I really like that this sculpture is filled with movement. – Turismo de Vigo


We headed for Parque de Castro. This park has amazing views and even more amazing art. Ava really loved exploring every part of it. It is so pretty and refreshing. This is a city full of vibrant contrasts.


Fantastic views from Parque de Castro.

Monument to the Rande Galleons  – “this monument has three anchors of ships sunk in the Battle of Vigo Bay, fought in the Ria de Vigo in 1702 between the army and the Anglo-Dutch fleet Hispanic had been escorted by a French.” – Vigo County


Travelling Ava had an amazing time exploring Vigo, the city is beautiful with so much to see and do. She would love to go back in the future and we will definitely do a bit more planning before our future visit.


Have you been to Vigo? What was your favourite sculpture? Where would you recommend we visit on our future trip? What should we have seen and missed on this trip? We would love to hear from you.

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