The start of a new adventure …

Travelling Ava has been super busy during Christmas planning her adventures for 2017. She is so excited that she is going to be joined by some new friends on her travels and can’t wait to get started.

Today she met with the awesome Ann English, a creative consultant, to help her turn her plans into actions so she can start her new adventure. We met Ann at the Lumley Castle Hotel, we wanted an inspiring location, more importantly we wanted cake.


Another first for Ava …

This is the first castle that Ava has visited, we took the scenic route on the way there… and the way back. By scenic I mean I got lost. Travelling Ava is not a good navigator and even with a sat nav I’m not great at following directions. This was also my first time visiting Lumley Castle, on the way there we had a lovely country drive. I always forget how lucky I am, even though I live in the city we are surrounded by beautiful countryside. Travelling Ava didn’t mind getting lost, she got to see the Angel of the North twice. I live nowhere near the Angel of the North, it isn’t on my way home. Like I said the scenic route.

Found it …

Even though it has been a cold, damp, grey day Lumley Castle is beautiful and the weather only served to make it look even more atmospheric. The perfect location from dreaming up big ideas and planning epic journeys.

The Castle reception has a low ceiling and heavy wood chairs with high backs and lots of intricate carvings. I was expecting lots of high ceilings but the castle feels very snug and cosy. You could easily get lost walking around the castle, behind every door there is something amazing to see. We settled in big comfy chairs in front of the fire so we could do some work. An important part of any adventure is cake, Ava forgot to snap picture of her scone to share with you, we know she loves a scone with lovely jam.


The corridor of heads…

Before heading home (the scenic route) Ava wanted to do some exploring around Lumley Castle. I found the corridor leading to the toilet a bit scary, well I thought it was scary but it is a corridor full of heads. Of course Travelling Ava wasn’t scared she just wanted her picture taken with all of them.

The corridor was a bit dark but I tried my best. What do you think of the heads?


Ava also wanted a cheeky picture with a statue on the stairs.


It was a great adventure and so exciting to work with Ann to plan lots of new and exciting things for 2017. Ava can’t wait to get started and share them with you.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post, I would love to hear from you, please leave a comment. Have an awesome day. x


2 thoughts on “Ava visits Lumley Castle

  1. I loved to read of your fantastic adventures Ava, Sam is an excellent narrator with lots of funnies too.
    I especially liked the part about the wooden chairs and comfy feel of the castle.
    I’m also intrigued about these new creative Adventures and friends you’ve got coming up…..hmmmm….interesting.
    Yes you are now famous for loving scones with lovely jam……you should have your very own Travelling Ava Scone we can all make to take with us on our travels. You could collect lovely Jams and tell us about them in your blog…….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Suzanne those are lovely ideas for Ava. I will need to teach her how to bake she is very lazy in the kitchen. I will need to research some scone recipes, what would make a good travelling scone?


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