From football to Australia…

Have I ever told you about Travelling Ava’s surprise trip to Australia?

I had planned for Travelling Ava to go see her first football match. I even made her a scarf so she would be all wrapped up Newcastle United at St James Park. Instead, Ava ended up going to Australia on an epic adventure.

I have amazing friends, hearing that Ava had missed her football adventure she was whisked off to Australia. This was her first time travelling by plane and she was really excited to go to Brisbane.


I was left at home while she got to see all of the amazing places and make some new friends.


This is Story Bridge in Brisbane, she would like to go back one day and walk to the top of it.

While she was in Australia she got to visit Australia Zoo.


She had great fun making new friends and shopping while she was there.

You just never know what adventure is around the next corner.

Do you live in Australia? Have you ever visited Australia? Travelling Ava would love to hear from you. Where should she visit for her next adventure?

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