This is one of Travelling Ava’s first big adventures. Her first cruise took her to Oporto in Portugal for an epic adventure.


Our adventure starts with a walk through the beautiful cruise terminal, the ship docked a “…Leixoes Port which is located in the Matosinhos district, about 10 kilometres away from Porto city centre.” (Source:

We embarked the bus to travel past the beach into the heart of Oporto. Once again it was a beautiful hot day.

Oporto 4

Travelling Ava loved seeing all the sculptures. It was a real treat to see so many different things. The buildings are beautiful.

Travelling Ava loved seeing all the pretty tiles on the buildings. It is so different from the places she visited on her previous adventures.

Around every corner, there was something different for her to see.

Have you ever visited Oporto? When Travelling Ava returns to Portugal in the future where should she go? What should she see? She would love to hear from you.

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