So this adventure is one from the archive. Travelling Ava loves looking at photos from her past adventures and she realised that she hadn’t shared this adventure with you.

She had a brief visit to St. Peter Port in Guernsey.

St Peter Port 3

St. Peter Port is the main port and the capital of Guernsey. The weather was beautiful, Ava really enjoyed walking along the coast. We arrived on a Sunday and all along the harbour was a lovely street market, loads of small independent businesses selling a wide variety of goods including delicious treats.

It was a beautiful port to explore, up the hill, Travelling Ava was excited to see Hauteville House, where Victor Hugo lived. His townhouse is now a museum.

Travelling Ava was excited to discover the little difference, the post boxes are blue and the phone boxes are yellow.


There was just so much to see in this beautiful port and Travelling Ava would love to visit again one day.


Take a look at Visit Guernsey for more information.

Do you live in Guernsey? Have you visited the port? When Ava returns what should she see and do?

Ava would love to hear from you, don’t forget to give her a hello in the comment section.

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