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Tag: dolls

Monsters… at The Word

Travelling Ava loves to the visit The Word in South Shields as you know. It is one of her favourite places to take a break and be creative. She also loves visiting the exhibitions there and was especially excited about their latest exhibition “The Good, The Bad and The Cuddly Monsters”

Mini Adventure to Thirsk

This Easter Travelling Ava had a mini adventure. I had intended on taking her into York with us but unfortunately, it was very wet and cold, not a good combination for taking Travelling doll pictures.

Travelling Ava… Everyone likes an origin story

Would you like to know where Travelling Ava came from? It is a very good question and I’m sure it has an interesting answer. As we already know Travelling Dolls aren’t like other dolls, they are magic.

The Staiths Cafe

I’ve taken the day off work to do some Christmas shopping (don’t tell the boss). I promised Travelling Ava that she could come with me

Travelling Ava at Haven Point

Travelling Ava has just returned from Brisbane in Australia. She had a quick rest before joining me at Haven Point in South Shields for the annual Christmas Fair last weekend.

Travelling Ava visits The Word

Travelling Ava was really excited for this adventure, apparently she is a big fan of Sir Ridley Scott and wanted to see the new exhibition.

Adventures needs to start somewhere

For a little while now I’ve had an idea stuck in my head. I want to design my own crochet doll, not just any doll, but the doll I have lodged in my imagination waiting to take shape.