The beginning of a mini adventure….

I’ve taken the day off work to do some Christmas shopping (don’t tell the boss). I promised Travelling Ava that she could come with me, this is her first Christmas and her first time Christmas shopping. Before we head off to the Metro Centre we are going to The Staiths Cafe to meet Ann English for coffee. This is Ava’s first trip the River Tyne even though it is December it isn’t too cold by the River today, a nice day to take pictures.


One of the best things about adventures with a Travelling Doll is that I get to discover new things too. I’m now into my thirties, I’ve lived in the North East all of my life but this is my first visit to the cafe and my first visit to Staiths Southbank.

We arrived early so had time for a cheeky treat, well it is Friday and almost Christmas. It turns out the Travelling Ava has a new favourite food. Toasted tea cakes with Strawberry jam. She does love Strawberry jam. It is a lovely cafe, with great views, nice food and friendly staff. Ava has put it on her list for a return visit.


If you are in the area I would definitely recommend a visit and try the tea cake.
I would love to hear from you so please leave a comment. You can continue to follow Travelling Ava’s adventures on Facebook and Instagram. Have an awesome day x.


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